Pretty Cool

Pretty Cold

Sitting Pretty 1

Sitting Pretty 2

Sitting Pretty 3

Crotch Rocket

Room Service

Cheap Trick


Sharply Dressed

Blackbird 1

Blackbird 2

Nature Calls 1

Nature Calls 2


Buck Stops Here

Fly Paper

Eat Meat

Dirty Rat

Bling Ring

Buck Shot

Cat and Mouse

Tough Luck

Groovy Ghouls

Tobacco Lobby (D)

Tobacco Lobby (R)

Happy Bunny Kitty Puppy 1

Happy Bunny Kitty Puppy 2

Happy Bunny Kitty Puppy 3


Valley of the Doo's

Return to the Valley
of the Doo's

Beneath the Valley
of the Doo's

Black Hole Uranus

Ricochet Rabbit

Foul Pork

Fly Girl

Campy Camper

Xtra Crispy

Fig. A

Fig. B

Fig. C

Send in the Clowns

Tears of a Clown

Everybody Loves
a Clown

Pretty Toxic

Pretty Deadly

Pretty Lethal

Pretty Zombie

Pretty Mummy

Pretty Ghoul

Meat Market

Meat Singles